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Roundup: What Event Marketers Need to Know About SEO

If your event can’t be found online, does it even exist? Instead of pondering this question, it would probably be more efficient to keep up with the latest SEO trends. But with budgets to manage, events to market and small fires to put out, we know you’re busy — so we sorted through the latest search engine updates and best practice trends so you wouldn’t have to.

Round Up- What-Event-Marketers-Need-to-Know-About-SEO

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When it comes to event planning and marketing, big data is critical to proving ROI and justifying expenses to upper management. Keep in mind, that’s not the only benefit of using data. You can use it to plan better and more profitable events.

How? Here are a few ideas for you to explore.

Go Big or Go Home- Using Big Data to Plan Better Events (Final) (1)

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10 Ways to Increase Your Event ROI

Events are the cat’s meow of marketing. Whether helping your organization generate more leads, sales, conversions; increase brand awareness or boost organizational reputation, the importance of events can’t be denied. However, if you want to get larger budgets for your events, you’re going to have to prove ROI. How do you do this and ensure that you’ll get the maximum return on your events?

10 Ways to Increase Your Event ROI

Thankfully, you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. Take a sneak peek at our newest guide, “10 Ways to Increase Your Event ROI.

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Welcome! Grey Joins the Localist Team

We’ve added a new team member! Meet Localist Account Executive Grey Gyllenhaal. Check out her story below.

Screenshot 2016-04-08 10.30.34

Why Localist?

When I first saw the the Localist product I immediately thought, I wish my school had an events calendar like that when I was in college! The only way I found out about events in college was through friends. I believe I could have gotten way more out of my college experience if I had a way to actually find out about all the exciting things going on on my campus.

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10 Things to Do the Day Before Your Event

Your event is a mere 24 hours away. You’ve done your homework, developed an event marketing plan and followed it to the letter. Emails were sent regularly—but not too often—and all social media updates were accompanied by your event hashtag. All that remains is the day itself and some final event prep.


The final hours are crucial; they can be the difference between a ho-hum event and a widely successful one. The trick is knowing where to spend your time and target your efforts. Here are 10 things to do before your event to ensure it’s successful.

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Localist Keeps Growing! Meet Eliza

We told you we’re growing. Meet Eliza Miller, Localist Customer Success Specialist.

Screenshot 2016-03-30 16.34.00

Why Localist?

A few months before coming aboard, I read a couple of books that directed me toward Localist. Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In emphasizes the importance of joining a company during its growth phase, while in Stumbling on Happiness, Dan Gilbert discusses how making an impact is rewarding. Localist’s size, stage and philosophy seemed like a great place for me to make an impact and continue my career. Not to mention, I follow a lot of events around town, and desperately wish more organizations used software as user-friendly as Localist.

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Does the phrase “website redesign” make you picture endless timelines, large committees, coordination, audits, several preliminary sketches and countless headaches?  With all of these moving pieces, prioritization is key, not just for your sanity, but also to make sure you’re focusing your efforts on the right corners of your website. Whether you’re only brainstorming or you’re in the middle of a website redesign, you should consider (or reconsider) prioritizing your website’s events calendar.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Events Calendar (2)


Why? In addition to there being no time like the present, your out-of-date calendar probably needs more than just a cosmetic touch up, rather feature upgrades that can make your team’s lives easier and enhance the user experience.

Since we’re definitely no stranger to the merry-go-round of a web redesign project, here are a few more reasons why you can’t afford to put your website calendar on hold.

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Meet Kevin, Our New Account Executive

We have a new team member! Meet Localist Account Executive Kevin Fu.

Kevin FuWhy Localist?

After working for a number of startups and being immersed in the Silicon Valley culture, I came to D.C. with a clear realization of exactly what I wanted from a company. After going through the interview gauntlet with many local startups, I walked away confident that a career at Localist was the best fit if I wanted to achieve my professional and personal goals.   Read the rest of the post →

Snapchat has come along way from just being known as the social network for teens snapping messages to their crushes. With Snapchat’s 18 percent penetration of all smartphone using adults, not to mention being the third most popular social network among millennials, brands of all sizes are taking notice.

What’s so great about Snapchat? Snapchat users are some of the most engaged on social media. With snaps (photos and videos) having a shelf life of 10 seconds, or 24 hours if it’s a Snapchat Story, users are highly engaged. A whopping 65 percent of users upload pictures everyday to Snapchat in comparison to less than 35 percent of Facebook users who do the same actions.

Event marketers and professionals alike have a huge opportunity to leverage this social network to increase engagement, buzz and attendance around their events.

Here are four ways to harness the power of Snapchat for your events.

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For a millennial, there are few things worse than going on social media and seeing their friends having a blast at an event that they couldn’t attend. This feeling is so prevalent nowadays it even has it’s own acronym: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). So what does all of this have to do with higher ed marketing? 

Events play a critical role in your enrollment marketing efforts. By empowering prospective and current students to share your recruiting events on social media, you’ll expand your reach, increase attendance for future events and increase your prospective student pipeline.

Check out a preview of what’s inside our “7 Ways to Amplify Your College Recruiting Through Events & Social Media” guide.

Unlocking FOMO (Share on Facebook) (3)


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