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3 Ways to Hook Last Minute Travelers This Summer

Summer is a comin’! When the weather heats up, adults become giddy kids with vacation on their minds. There are adventures to be had this summer and although some people have their vacations already planned, don’t forget about the stragglers who are still looking for something fun to do this season.

3 Ways To Hook Last Minute Summer Travelers

1) Allow Visitors to Make Decisions with Their Eyes

You can write one hundred descriptive words about how awesome your city/state or resort is, however, humans are visual creatures. Leverage that. Did you know 90% of the information your brain processes is visual, which is processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text?

If you haven’t already, your site should be ripe with gorgeous photos. Aside from having quality photos, you need to make sure they can be repurposed for other online content marketing initiatives.

Instagram is a great choice if you want to find an already engaged audience. Posts on Instagram receive 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook.

Don’t forget about Pinterest, it’s the visual social gift that keeps giving. Not only is the social network visually appealing, it enables people to build boards that allow them to fantasize about everything from dream weddings, fashion and of course vacations. Be sure your site allows them to easily share images across social media through sharing plugins.

Remember that travel is an emotional purchase, let people visualize themselves having fun at your destination.

2) Be Easily Found

If no one can find your website or content, do you exist? In this Google indexed world, not really! The trick to securing last minute travelers is to allow them to easily find you, even if they’re not necessarily looking for your destination. The best way to do that is to align with interests or activities.

Want to be easily found online? Learn how Localist can help boost your SEO.

Does your city have the best fishing, taco, biking, or concerts? Create content around that. Think about how people search for information on the Internet. For example, people routinely ask questions like, “Where’s the best place to hike?” If that query applies to you, be sure you show up.

Some good ways to ensure you’re found is by blogging about the topic people are searching for and bidding for relevant keywords in Google search ads. You can learn how people search by simply typing words in the Google search bar.

Google Search

You can also target people based off of their interests. Social networks such as Twitter’s ad platforms make this super easy to do. You can write a Twitter post, and go to the ‘Interests’ tab and select what’s relevant.

Make sure your post includes a nice visual to go along with your message.

3) Respond to HARO Queries

Who doesn’t want to get great media coverage? Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a great free tool where you can respond to journalist looking for story sources. With travel on everyone’s mind, you can believe that there will be relevant questions, known as queries, related to vacations or travel. Getting quoted by the media is great for boosting SEO and gives your organization tons of credibility.

When responding, be sure to read the query and answer it directly. Don’t go off topic or be overly promotional. If you want to want media coverage in major publications, you need to offer the journalist value for their readers and respond promptly. Hundreds of people are vying for media coverage and responding to queries, so make sure you’re one of the first responses the journalist sees.

Don’t be discouraged if your responses aren’t picked up. Practice makes perfect. Besides, you can repurpose your responses for a blog post, newsletter and social posts. Is there such a thing as too much good content? I didn’t think so.

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Localist Welcomes Adrienne!

We have a new team member at Localist. Meet Adrienne, our Content Marketing Manager. Check out her story below.

Life Before Localist

When I was in college, I knew I was going to be in either human resources or a journalist.  What else can someone with a Women’s Studies and English degree do, right? Well, when the economy tanked right before graduation, I did some soul searching and landed my first internship in PR, permanently changing my career path.

Screenshot 2015-05-12 16.37.05

After securing a MA in Communication from Johns Hopkins, I put theory into practice by freelancing and starting the networking group and blog I Heart Social Media DC.

For years, my work experience revolved around social media and public relations. I’ve witnessed the industry transform from something just for the intern to run, to a key component in a brand’s marketing program. I love the storytelling aspect of social media and work to help organizations cut through the noise and connect with their audiences, regardless of their industry.

Why I Chose Localist

As soon as I found Localist through social media, I was hooked. I’ve seen my fair share of marketing tool fails and wins, and Localist is definitely a win with its clean, easy to use interface. However, it was Localist’s culture that really sealed the deal. It didn’t hurt that they have free snacks in the office!

Fun Facts About Me


  • When I’m not online or at work, you can probably find me in a spinning class. I’m addicted!
  • My favorite things are wine & brunch, (they don’t have to be together).
  • I love taking a day trip to the wineries in Virginia.
  • I always thought I’d move west, but between living in Philly, Atlanta and now D.C., I can’t imagine being anything else but an East Coast girl.
  • When I’m in the kitchen, I usually find myself critiquing my dishes like I imagine Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio would.
  • You can find me on Twitter @SocialMediaDC. Tweet me!

Localist Welcomes Lionel

Lionel Gross-Bey

We have a new addition to the Localist team! Lionel just finished his first week at Localist, and we asked him to write a bit about himself and his take on Localist so far.


Hello Everyone! My name is Lionel Gross-Bey and I am elated to have recently become part of the Localist sales team.
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New Themes, New Partnerships, New Customers

After a year in the making, it’s finally here: a fresh new look for Localist platforms! Localist is committed to providing the most up-to-date event marketing software and the new theme is the perfect compliment to Localist’s intuitive administrative dashboard and unbeatable SEO markup. With its ability to match your brand perfectly, even with very little customization, the new themes make Localist a true “turn-key” solution!

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7 Ways to Use Your Event Calendar for Lead Generation

A website calendar is a great tool to display events but it can be much more if used the right way. Here are some best practices that will drive more traffic to your website and engage your audience making your calendar an important marketing tool.

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Keeping your website event calendar chock full of interesting events drives traffic to your calendar and your website and improves SEO. Sure, all this talk about SEO, web traffic, and social media is important, but in-person engagement is what events are all about, right?

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How are Colleges and Universities Using Pinterest?

For colleges and universities, which serve a highly plugged-in generation, it can be overwhelming to keep track of new social technology. Here is a walkthrough of Pinterest from a higher education marketing perspective—we cover what it is, who is on it, and how your school can use it.

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Libraries Need Marketing Too

Since libraries host several, even dozens of, events throughout the year, they need to get the word out so those events are well attended. Do you know what’s going on at your local library?

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5 Ways to Boost Revenue With Event Marketing

Event marketing software can not only help you boost attendance and increase brand awareness but it can also help you generate revenue. Holding events can be profitable when combined with the right tactics.

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CVBs: 5 Must-Have Features For Your Event Marketing Calendar

As a CVB, your goal is to promote your city and to increase the number of visitors. One of the best methods is to highlight the different events happening in your area. And one of the best ways to promote your special events is with the right calendar that will help you market your region online, get the events found on Google, and help your supporters spread the word for you.

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