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Infographics 101

These days, infographics are everywhere. There are infographics about everything from train maps to cheese wheels. There are even infographics about infographics!



What is an infographic? And why do you need it?

It is a graphic that tells the reader information in a more digestible format. This is done by transforming heavy or otherwise mundane topics into simple, straightforward terms that anyone can easily understand. Read the rest of the post →

3 Ways Your Library Can be Cool

When most people in the library world think about reaching out to their prospective and current community, very seldom do they think to ask themselves, “Are we cool?” Now what does that mean? I don’t mean run out and buy the latest sunglasses for your staff to wear, rather look to Walker Library of History and Human Imagination. When I say cool, I’m referring to your coolness in the virtual world and how that translates to attracting people to your library.

Over the years, online visibility has become an imperative factor in promoting your brand. A quick Google search can determine how your web presence appears to potential members, volunteers and donors. Now that Google indexes tweets, you have even more incentive to dazzle the world by taking your social strategy to the next level.

When it comes to social media, engagement is the name of the game. Check out these three ways to increase engagement with your audience.


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[Quiz] Which Celebrity Jetsetter Are You?


Close your eyes for a moment and imagine what your life would be like if you were a celebrity. Minus the paparazzi and media scandals, life could be pretty sweet. Okay, now take a step away from reality for another minute and uncover which celebrity jetsetter you are. Read the rest of the post →

Branding: Not Just for Big Businesses

Branding your organization is probably the most difficult task you’ll ever have to do. A brand is an extremely important factor in the success of any organization, or entity. Just because you’re a nonprofit, tiny museum or school, doesn’t mean your brand isn’t important. Without it, you’re basically unknown. Invisible, really.

So, what exactly is a brand? To put it simply, it’s your organization’s distinctive identity, almost as if it were a person. This identity is an unspoken marketer telling people what you’re about and the value its services will bring.

What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to unleash your brand to the world.

Branding! (2)

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Localist Partners With Cvent

Great news! We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Cvent to better satisfy all of your event ticketing needs.

What does this mean?

When people see events that they want to register for, instead of your user being “handed off” to other third-party ticketing services to purchase their ticket, they can do 100% of the transaction on your website. This allows for much less confusion for your user, leading to more ticket sales! What’s not to love?


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For better or worse, Facebook is synonymous with social media. That’s understandable, it’s by far the most visited social network in the U.S. Despite its popularity, Facebook isn’t the only game in town. Colleges and universities looking to reach recent alumni, current and prospective students need to pay close attention to latest social media trends.

What’s trending now? As their parents and grandparents join Facebook in droves, millennials and their younger counterparts are venturing away from Facebook and spending time on Snapchat, Instagram, (you know, the social sites their parents don’t understand yet) and a few others you might not expect.

Here are some alternative social networks your school should consider using that aren’t Facebook.


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QuizPicWhat was your favorite book as a kid? I know, there’s too many to pick just one. If you’re a true book nerd, bedtime stories and summer reading bring back fond memories from childhood. However which book captures the essence of you?

FBTitlePromoted_opt (1)

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5 Email Marketing Rules to Embrace

Marketers have been debating back and forth about whether email marketing is dying for many years now. Let me say this, email marketing is alive and well and it’s not going anywhere. In fact, it’s growing. In 2013, there were nearly 3.9 billion email accounts worldwide, with that number expected to increase to 4.9 billion by the end of 2017.

According to a study done this year, for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $44.25. This study found that email marketing acquires customers nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined!

However, with the average subscriber receiving 416 commercial messages a month, it’s crucial to abide by these rules if you want your messages to not only be delivered in the inbox, but opened and read as well.

5 Email Marketing -Rules-to-Embrace Read the rest of the post →

Virtually all Convention and Visitor Bureaus (CVB), Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) and tourism organizations share a common goal; to increase area revenue through travel and tourism for their respective destinations. And for good reason. A 2011 survey conducted by Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics Company, showed that almost 20% of group hotel room night demand in the U.S. comes through CVB sales channels.

It’s up to these organizations to bring in tourists, and their wallets, to town. But what happens when your CVB isn’t in a well-known area? Smaller CVBs often struggle for attention from larger markets and popular destination cities.

The key to attracting visitors and ultimately gaining more revenue, is to first target and gain the attention of locals by promoting local events online. Once your area is established as a “go-to” destination for awesome events, visitors will take notice.

Start Local

Let’s take a look at a few key strategies for creating local buzz online to ultimately attract more visitors. Read the rest of the post →

The Case Against “Portal” Smartphone Apps

There’s a common misconception that those who have smartphones want it all and they want it now!

This misconception has been manifested in the form of applications called “portal” apps. What’s a “portal” app, you ask?

It’s an app within an app. These are especially popular among higher ed institutions where you can usually find mini apps for events, transcripts, classes, grades, bus routes, athletic schedules, news and about a dozen other topics inside of a master app.

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