5 Promotion Ideas to Make Your Events Successful

Creating buzz before an event is necessary if you want to make your events successful.  Using tools like event marketing software can help, but there are several things you can do to make your events stand out and be found by potential attendees.

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How to Justify the Cost of an Event Marketing Calendar

Buying new software for your organization often requires a cost justification, and the ability to demonstrate its benefits. Some people think of an event marketing calendar as a piece of a website, like a blog or photo gallery, and would include it in the IT budget. Continue reading

Five Reasons Why an Event Marketing Calendar Is Better Than Event Scheduling Software

Organizations that manage and promote a long list of events often have difficulty marketing them. Their ultimate goal is to grow awareness for the organization, without wasting a lot of time manually promoting the events.

Event scheduling software only lets you schedule events, but doesn’t actually help you market them. You still need to do all the work, sharing, promoting, and blogging. This is a problem when you have dozens, if not a few hundred, events taking place throughout the year.

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How Are Event Management Software and Event Marketing Software Different?

If you organize and plan events, you’ll often hear the term event management software and event marketing software, and you might think the two terms are synonymous and interchangeable. They’re actually completely different animals and different organizations will need one or the other.

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How Google Views an Event Calendar Page

Let’s say the Philosophy Department at Cornell University is hosting SK5K Leap Of Faith, the Søren Kierkegaard 5K Run and Cøstume Cøntest (“Dress as your favorite existential philosopher!”). They want to promote the event beyond the university and the Ithaca, New York area, and make sure runners and philosophers around the region can easily find the information on Google.

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Localist Launches Themes

Earlier this year, we announced that all front-facing pages in Localist were being rebuilt from the ground-up to allow for full flexibility in presenting event content.

We tested the functionality extensively, and after several rounds of feedback we are excited to announce the public launch of Themes, making virtually every aspect of Localist’s event marketing calendar customizable. This means that all Localist customers will be able to change not only the look and feel of the calendar but the functionality as well.

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New Localist Knowledge Base

Even if you only have a little experience with Localist, our goal is for it to be easy and intuitive to use. It recently became apparent that our Knowledge Base was missing some key articles for new features that had been added to the platform, but didn’t have solid documentation backing them up. Today, we’re proud to  announce a brand new Localist Knowledge Base! Continue reading

How Your Students Want to Find Out About Events

Your institution probably spends a lot of time creating and publicizing awesome events. At Localist, we focus on event marketing calendar software to help schools minimize your time commitment while getting the word out about events. Our calendar software helps schools publicize events on their websites, via social media, and through emails.

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6 Benefits of Using Calendar Widgets

If you’re looking into centralizing your organization’s events calendar, or even if you already have a central calendar, a key question you need to ask is, “how can we efficiently spread event content across our entire website?”

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Welcome Rebecca Wilmoth to the Team

Rebecca joins us as Localist’s Director of Marketing! She’ll lead our marketing efforts and oversee their continued growth and evolution. She joins us after serving as a Director of Marketing at Vocus. Coupled with her additional experience at Laureate, she’s proved that she can grow a marketing strategy and flourish in a positive environment, and we think this new role at Localist represents a great opportunity to do just that.

Welcome, Rebecca!



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