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The Case Against “Portal” Smartphone Apps

There’s a common misconception that those who have smartphones want it all and they want it now!

This misconception has been manifested in the form of applications called “portal” apps. What’s a “portal” app, you ask?

It’s an app within an app. These are especially popular among higher ed institutions where you can usually find mini apps for events, transcripts, classes, grades, bus routes, athletic schedules, news and about a dozen other topics inside of a master app.

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Is Your Library Too Quiet? Make Some Noise!

The all-too common reality in the library world is filled with small budgets, limited time and too few personnel. These obstacles can be daunting to even the most ambitious team when tasked with taking their efforts to the next level. How can your library increase its resources, attract a new audience and engage your community despite budget cutbacks?

Whether your library is seeking to increase donations, membership and/or volunteers, you still have to MAKE. SOME. NOISE!

Is Your Library Too Quiet- Make Some

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SEO, Search & Such: Things You Might Have Missed

In this search indexed world, if your organization or business can’t be found online, does it even exist? Instead of focusing on this philosophy 2.0 question, put your energy into making sure people can find you online. However, with best practices changing at the drop of the dime, who has time to keep up?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to scour the web looking for this information. In case you missed it, here are three updates from the search world that you can’t afford to miss.

SEO, Search & Such

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Stop Making These Three Social Media Mistakes

In 2015, most organizations understand that social media is a viable marketing channel. Although social media is a great way to reach your audience, being on it just to be on it won’t do your organization any good.

Think about your biggest competition on social media. It’s not other organizations or competitors, rather the things people care about such as cat memes, engagement announcements, and all things Kardashian.

If you want any hope of reaching your audience on social media, here are three mistakes you must avoid.


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A common mistake many venues and destinations alike make is that they focus on being a place to visit instead of creating a community for their visitors to join. Despite facing tough competition for attracting attendance from other industries, museums are a great example of an organization that can benefit from creating a community through its events.


Check out these four tips for leveraging events to build a community.

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5 Library Fundraising Tips You Need to Know

When First Lady Michelle Obama presented the National Medal to 10 libraries and museums, the future became a little bit brighter. By proclaiming that these institutions aren’t luxuries, rather a fundamental resource in society, she put libraries and museums under the national spotlight.

With funding cuts, libraries across the country are getting less money and in turn, more problems. Since Mrs. Obama can’t bring awareness to these issues all of the time, (although that would be totally awesome), libraries will need to find solutions on their own. This leaves many libraries and like-minded organizations wondering, how can we raise a little more green and be seen by the public as a vibrant member of the community?

By getting creative, scrappy and checking out these five ideas.



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3 Ways to Hook Last Minute Travelers This Summer

Summer is a comin’! When the weather heats up, adults become giddy kids with vacation on their minds. There are adventures to be had this summer and although some people have their vacations already planned, don’t forget about the stragglers who are still looking for something fun to do this season.

3 Ways To Hook Last Minute Summer Travelers

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Localist Welcomes Adrienne!

We have a new team member at Localist. Meet Adrienne, our Content Marketing Manager. Check out her story below.

Life Before Localist

When I was in college, I knew I was going to be in either human resources or a journalist.  What else can someone with a Women’s Studies and English degree do, right? Well, when the economy tanked right before graduation, I did some soul searching and landed my first internship in PR, permanently changing my career path.

Screenshot 2015-05-12 16.37.05

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Localist Welcomes Lionel

Lionel Gross-Bey

We have a new addition to the Localist team! Lionel just finished his first week at Localist, and we asked him to write a bit about himself and his take on Localist so far.


Hello Everyone! My name is Lionel Gross-Bey and I am elated to have recently become part of the Localist sales team.
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New Themes, New Partnerships, New Customers

After a year in the making, it’s finally here: a fresh new look for Localist platforms! Localist is committed to providing the most up-to-date event marketing software and the new theme is the perfect compliment to Localist’s intuitive administrative dashboard and unbeatable SEO markup. With its ability to match your brand perfectly, even with very little customization, the new themes make Localist a true “turn-key” solution!

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