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As an event planner, you can think of your responsibilities like those of a journalist assembling an article — in order to tell the right story to your audience and to make sure all their needs are being met, it will help to answer the traditional “Five Ws” about your event before moving forward with the planning.

But what are those five questions? They’re the building blocks of any story and, it turns out, any event.

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Audience Building

Imagine that you have your entire event planned. The room is reserved, the speakers and panelists are booked and the event is posted on your Localist calendar with a great unique photo and lots of detail. One of the biggest challenges as an event planner and organizer, however, is making sure you have attendees at your event. Not just lots of people, but the right people.

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CampusBird Integration

Big news here – your event experiences are about to get even better. We’re excited to announce a new integration between Localist and concept3D’s CampusBird interactive map and media platform.

You’ve heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” — well, we feel the same way about maps! Maps center website visitors in real-space, and give them a clear idea of where an event is held and where it might be in relation to other locations of interest. That’s why we encourage the inclusion of maps on every event listing here at Localist.  

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Google Homepage

Just last week, search engine giant Google announced changes to how they’ll display events in search results. Their stated goal? “Make FOMO a thing of the past.” They’re doing this by improving event discoverability within the search engine itself, piggybacking off of a standardized format on event web pages.

Here’s the good news for our customers: Localist has been publishing events in this format for years!

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Event Data

Events are important to your bottom line, but how can you measure their success or failure if you’re not measuring enough or the right data? Why is this important? Would you throw $50,000 into digital advertising if you couldn’t calculate your ROI? You are investing a lot of time and resources in your events. It’s important to get the snapshot you need to see how your events are performing, and to increase the footprint of your events.

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Hosting More Events

If you’re trying to connect with your audience, you have a number of options when it comes to traditional and non-traditional marketing. Sure, you could take the safe route, hiding behind your computer or phone and sending out emails or making cold phone calls. While this will get your message out there, it may not compel your audience to act (after all, what’s in it for them?). Why not meet your audience where they are, instead, face-to-face, with event marketing?

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Event marketers boast multiple skillsets — they have to be sophisticated marketers that can draw the right crowds, technologists that know how and which technologies to implement that will blow their event out of the water, and data scientists that know how to measure and act on to event data.

Luckily there are a slew of marketing conferences that can help you learn best practices and technologies that you can implement the second you get home plus connect you with other rockstar event marketers! The following are our top favorites for this calendar year. For a complete list of all the marketing conferences in the U.S., see our event marketing calendar.

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Localist Photo Library

Photos are often the biggest window into an event and the first thing that catches your audience’s eye. Your events aren’t all the same, so why would their photos be?

Here at Localist, we’re making it easier for you and your users to always assign engaging and on-brand photos to your events. Today we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve launched three dynamic features to make this possible.

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Hashtag on twitter

Social media hashtags – your audience knows and loves them, and you should be using them for your events, if you’re not already.  They’re a great branding tool for your events, and a great discovery tool for your audience.   Originating on Twitter, hashtags have become nearly ubiquitous across social media platforms (the stand-out exception is LinkedIn). They’re a great way to gain new social media followers and to boost the presence of your brand.  If you’re not already using them for your events, we’re going to bring you up to speed on the hows and whys of developing your own hashtag.

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Magnifying Glass, Discoverable Events

If you’re throwing great events but no one’s attending them, the problem might not be the topics, but instead the discoverability of the events themselves. What does this mean? Simply put: if no one can find your events online or in person, how can they be expected to participate?

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