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Free Tool: The On-Page SEO Template from Localist

What do you call an organization that can’t be found online? Invisible! Since people rarely look past the second page of search results (some say you could hide a body there), mastering search engine optimization has never been more important. Since you probably don’t have the time to worry about not being found, or to become an SEO expert, you’ll need a time-saving tool that will optimize your content for search engines.


Saving Time on SEO

In an effort to help you efficiently “SEO” your blog posts, as well as your organization’s resource or services pages, we’ve developed the On-Page SEO Template. With this tool, you can easily create search engine friendly content that is primed to attract your target audience. Read the rest of the post →

Leveraging Media Relations for SEO

In the digital age, there are only a few three letter acronyms more important than SEO. It’s become the holy grail of all things digital marketing. Without it, your organization can’t be found, making it harder to reach audiences who don’t necessarily know you exist. If you’re not a super savvy SEO guru or your site isn’t a major player like a Buzzfeed, good news, you can still beef up your SEO game.  

During Content Marketing World, Arment Dietrich founder and CEO Gini Dietrich explained to attendees how to increase their search engine footprint during her Media Relations + Content = SEO session.

Check out Gini’s tips below.

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Just Do It: The Journey to Creating Prolific Content

Content is king, create better content, and most importantly, quality over quantity are common sayings that are ingrained in almost every speech, blog post or video about content marketing. They’re used so frequently, it would probably be a bad idea to use them in a drinking game during a marketing conference.


So how can you go beyond regurgitating content marketing sayings to becoming a prolific content marketer?

During Jay Acunzo’s session at Content Marketing World, “Create Ugly: Clever, Sneaky, and Downright Brilliant Ways Prolific Content Creators Make Quality vs. Quantity a Pointless Debate,” he boldly told marketers that they would have to start thinking differently if they want to create prolific content.

There were so many great anecdotes and points, it was hard to fit them all into one post. Here are a few of Jay’s key points.

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Ah, party fouls, we all know them well. Whether it’s double dipping your chips into the salsa bowl or dropping the red cup at a party, these are just some of the things that you just don’t do.


Party fouls aren’t just limited to fun social gatherings; they can be found in some of the most unsuspecting of places, like LinkedIn. But why does any of this matter? Even if you’re not a social media manager who runs your organization’s LinkedIn page, you should care. LinkedIn has come a long way from just being the resume social network.

As an individual, you have something very valuable, your relationships and network. Relationship marketing can help you with not only your personal brand, but also your career.

Here are some LinkedIn party fouls that you should avoid at all costs.  

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Localist Welcomes Christena

Localist keeps growing. Meet our new Sales Associate, Christena Williams. Check out her story below.


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By and large, colleges and universities try to use online marketing to publicize their student initiatives, events, and news in the best way possible. School websites offer the latest campus news, while emails are sent to disseminate crucial student information. The goal? To reach students in the most efficient way, but where is the student engagement?


The problem is that most schools use one-way communication, where information is available and ready for the student, but there’s often no option for the student to engage by offering feedback or their own ideas. This creates a stale atmosphere where students become apathetic to the content their schools share with them. To truly connect to the pulse of students on campus, schools should offer channels for direct student-to-school communication.

Need some ideas? Here are some essential tips for ramping up student engagement.

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Localist’s New Theme in the Wild

A few months ago, we launched a revamped default theme for our customers, allowing them to better incorporate their brands into their calendars. Although the look and feel has changed, Localist’s core layout has remained the same due to years of proven effectiveness.

If you’ve already forgotten what the legacy default looked like, here’s a refresher:


Left: Legacy,  Right: New Default

Today we’d like to highlight two customers who’ve converted their platforms to the new theme, while still keeping their brand front and center. Read the rest of the post →

Localist Launches EventReach

Today, we’re proud to launch Localist’s EventReach, because hosting an event that no one knows about until after it has happened is never any fun.

EventReach helps you quantify how “discoverable” your events are. By researching millions of events across our network of calendars, we’ve learned what factors lead to a higher level of event awareness and attendance. We turned that knowledge into a graphical tool to help every organizer make their event even better. Read the rest of the post →

If you’ve ever found yourself saying “Well, that was easy,” when browsing a website on the hunt for something specific, that’s no accident. Likewise, if you’ve ever found yourself on a site clicking, and clicking, and clicking with no end in sight, there’s no need to think “It’s not you, it’s me!” Both of these situations can be credited to a website’s filter strategy, or lack thereof.

When it Comes to Website Strategy,

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Localist Welcomes Amanda!

We have a new team member at Localist. Meet Amanda, our new Business Development Associate. Check out her story below.

Meet_Amanda_Localist Read the rest of the post →

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