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How to Create the Right Hashtag for Your Event

Hashtag on twitter

Social media hashtags – your audience knows and loves them, and you should be using them for your events, if you’re not already.  They’re a great branding tool for your events, and a great discovery tool for your audience.   Originating on Twitter, hashtags have become nearly ubiquitous across social media platforms (the stand-out exception is LinkedIn). They’re a great way to gain new social media followers and to boost the presence of your brand.  If you’re not already using them for your events, we’re going to bring you up to speed on the hows and whys of developing your own hashtag.

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Making Your Events Highly Discoverable

Magnifying Glass, Discoverable Events

If you’re throwing great events but no one’s attending them, the problem might not be the topics, but instead the discoverability of the events themselves. What does this mean? Simply put: if no one can find your events online or in person, how can they be expected to participate?

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Perfecting Your Event Content

iPad and SEO

Last month, we wrote about how event content can be your event marketing’s secret weapon. As a refresher, event content includes all the information you should have in your event calendar to entice potential attendees to commit. It’s much more than just the standard date, time and location; event content also includes things like metadata, event photos, RSVP lists and user reviews. Thorough and complete event content does more than just inform your audience; done correctly, it can make the difference in convincing them to attend.

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April Fools! Localist Announcement: The 50-Box Grid

April Fools

Let’s face it: we all grew up with paper wall and desk calendars arranged in the traditional 30-day grid, and nostalgia is a crucial factor in any technological innovation. As a throwback to those analog calendars of yore, we’re excited to announce our new 50-box calendar grid view, now standard on every Localist calendar!

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College Students and Influencers

Think back to when you were applying for college. You likely had a list of safety schools, “good fits” and reach schools. Perhaps you had your heart set on one particular school, for academic, social or familial reasons. Who did you discuss your school choices with during the application process? Your friends? Family? Teachers and guidance counselors? The same is true for today’s students.  “It takes a village” is an adage for good reason – if you’re working in higher education recruitment, this is a fact you’ll have to keep in mind.

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Event Content: Your Event’s Secret Weapon

Event Audience

When people think about event marketing, they often focus on the end goal: an enjoyable in-person event where both the host and attendees find value. At Localist, we see the value in not just events themselves, but in the event marketing content. After all, marketing your event is what gets people through the door so they can even begin to have a great time at your event.

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Which Marketing Channel is Right for Your Event?


When it comes to event promotion, it’s easy to fall into the mindset that more is more. More channels, more posts, more updates…every little bit helps, right? The problem with this line of thinking is it can often lead to an enormous amount of wasted time, energy and money. If a lot of your resources, financial and otherwise, are being poured into marketing efforts that are not yielding great results, then “more” is not actually more.

Instead, why not determine what your most effective marketing channels have been and double down on the platforms that have been proven to work?

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Localist Announcement: Complex Schedules Made Simple

Recurrence Instance

Every event happens on its own schedule – and often, it happens more than once. From bi-weekly clubs to monthly speaker series, some of the most popular events are those that take place multiple times in a set period.

Here at Localist, we’re making it even easier for you to schedule events of this type.  Today, we’re excited to announce some big changes to our recurring events interface. Read the rest of the post →

Should I Charge for My Event?

Charge - blog (1)

To charge or not to charge – that is the question.

This an issue that event organizers have debated for years, mostly because common sense seems to fall on both sides of the line. We all know the popular axiom you get what you pay for, but just as commonly held is the notion that free is always better. Before you decide on how to set up your next event, explore the merits of both sides and see which one is better suited to your particular needs.

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I was recently speaking to a Director of IT at a university campus who told me about a challenge that the new president asked him to solve: the president wants to know everything that is happening on campus at any given time while also having a solution that looks nice on the website and communicates to faculty, staff and students what events are going on.

This conversation made me realize that a lot of people see scheduling software and the events calendar on their website as one and the same. As a professional in the calendar business, I thought it was important to highlight some key reasons you should actually separate your scheduling software and website events calendar.

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