This is the first of many monthly blog posts where we announce any major Localist Platform features, functionality and fixes that have been deployed over the past month.

  • Language localization on all buttons. For example, “I’m Going” can change to “Save” on your platform.
  • Nearby Public Transportation. Dynamically highlight the bus/subway stops nearest to events or places.
  • Upgraded to Facebook’s Graph API. This will allow us to do very cool things in the future!
  • Eventbrite RSVP sync. We now dynamically pull in events (and their attendee lists) from Eventbrite events.
  • Standardized mobile view across all platforms. We revisited the default mobile platform and “normalized” it, allowing for ingestor support and much easier modification at the customer level.
  • Added option to allow event submission to all groups from non-group-members.
  • Added support for custom fields into the CSV uploader.
  • Added additional tag for Google Analytics to track click events across the platform.
  • …and, as always, various bug fixes.