We got in touch with a university student that had also served as an Resident Assistant to get her take on how a social calendar can help ensure new freshmen can adapt quickly to the social scene on campus.

In the two years that I worked as a Resident Assistant for Salisbury University, I had the pleasure of participating in four New Student Orientation weekends—events thought by most to be exciting since Freshmen and Transfer students begin a new, life-changing phase of their lives. Yet out of those four orientation weekends, I had three cases where I had to talk a new student out of quitting school!

So, other than hiring folks like me as RAs, what could the school have done differently to prevent these near dropouts? Can colleges and universities adopt a better system for helping these new students feel more engaged during orientation weekend?

Click here her five ways your online event’s calendar can help new students feel more engaged during orientation and compliment your RA’s duties.