Shopping for online calendar software? You’ll have to consider a solution that meets the needs of the entire organization and its various departments. It’s enough to cause your brain to overheat. We’re here to stop that from happening and to take this one department at a time. We recently published “Why Localist Matters,” which will take you through how Localist benefits every department, and we’re going to cover each department on our blog.

Today, let’s talk about how your marketing and web communications department can help you identify the value an online calendar can provide. We’ll recap what we covered in “Why Localist Matters,” but you can ask the following questions no matter what software solution you’re considering.

We see marketing and an online calendar as a likely pair. After all, marketing and web communications is the department tasked with spreading the word about your organization and its events. You need a calendar that’s up to the important task of communicating your organization’s happenings, while maintaining your online image and messaging.

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