We’ve been hard at work here at Localist to build the best online event calendar possible. Since September, we’ve made 360 code changes, including the following:

  • Multi-date events will now be linked in Outlook and Google Calendar subscriptions
  • If no ticket price is entered, “Buy Tickets” will say “Register” instead
  • Added ability to subscribe to individual events
  • Unified platform breadcrumb language and behavior
  • Added ability to import RSS feeds with hCalendar tags
  • Upgraded to Google Maps API V3
  • Created Admin Club for Localist users and overall Localist documentation
  • Added created_by and updated_by to API V2 data
  • Unified share buttons on Events and Places
  • Added ability to track “I’m Going” and “Watch This” click events in Google Analytics
  • Added ability to CSV-import Places, Groups and Departments
  • Added universal “Import Status” monitor for all CSV imports
  • Added ability to flag any photo as the platform fallback directly in Administration
  • Added basic user Achievement functionality for end-user on-boarding

Feel free to get in touch with our team at info@localist.com to find out more about these new features. Back to work!