We told you we’re growing. Meet Eliza Miller, Localist Customer Success Specialist.

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Why Localist?

A few months before coming aboard, I read a couple of books that directed me toward Localist. Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In emphasizes the importance of joining a company during its growth phase, while in Stumbling on Happiness, Dan Gilbert discusses how making an impact is rewarding. Localist’s size, stage and philosophy seemed like a great place for me to make an impact and continue my career. Not to mention, I follow a lot of events around town, and desperately wish more organizations used software as user-friendly as Localist.

Before Localist

I worked as an economic analyst assessing international tax-related questions. At Localist, I hope to marry my analytical skills with my creativity to empower customers to get the most out of their interactive events calendar. 

A little more about me

I’m originally from the Great Lakes (born in Chicago, grew up near Detroit), but I moved much too frequently after high school. I’ve since settled in D.C. after I transferred to (and graduated from) the George Washington University. I love D.C., but I’m also proud to have briefly called Indonesia, Florida and Maryland home.


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Fun facts

  • I’m a fan of travelling by Greyhound (you can’t beat the conversations).
  • Two years ago I turned on Monday Night RAW, now I’m hooked on WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).
  • I have library cards for three cities in the area, plus the Library of Congress.
  • I dance Zumba once a week even though I’ve got two left feet.
  • After two months of lessons, I can ice skate backwards and spin (kind of).

Welcome to Localist, Eliza!

Want to join Eliza at Localist? We’re hiring!