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We’ve all had that feeling. The anxiety that grows as you total up your receipts from last night’s event and you realize you’ve already maxed out your budget. Scratch that, you’ve already spent twice your budget and you’re only halfway through the pile. Despite the costs, few can deny the benefits of throwing events. When added […]

What do you call an organization that can’t be found online? Invisible! Since people rarely look past the second page of search results (some say you could hide a body there), mastering search engine optimization has never been more important. Since you probably don’t have the time to worry about not being found, or to […]

These days, infographics are everywhere. There are infographics about everything from train maps to cheese wheels. There are even infographics about infographics!   What is an infographic? And why do you need it? It is a graphic that tells the reader information in a more digestible format. This is done by transforming heavy or otherwise […]

When most people in the library world think about reaching out to their prospective and current community, very seldom do they think to ask themselves, “Are we cool?” Now what does that mean? I don’t mean run out and buy the latest sunglasses for your staff to wear, rather look to Walker Library of History and […]

For better or worse, Facebook is synonymous with social media. That’s understandable, it’s by far the most visited social network in the U.S. Despite its popularity, Facebook isn’t the only game in town. Colleges and universities looking to reach recent alumni, current and prospective students need to pay close attention to latest social media trends. […]

Marketers have been debating back and forth about whether email marketing is dying for many years now. Let me say this, email marketing is alive and well and it’s not going anywhere. In fact, it’s growing. In 2013, there were nearly 3.9 billion email accounts worldwide, with that number expected to increase to 4.9 billion […]

Virtually all Convention and Visitor Bureaus (CVB), Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) and tourism organizations share a common goal; to increase area revenue through travel and tourism for their respective destinations. And for good reason. A 2011 survey conducted by Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics Company, showed that almost 20% of group hotel room night demand […]

There’s a common misconception that those who have smartphones want it all and they want it now! This misconception has been manifested in the form of applications called “portal” apps. What’s a “portal” app, you ask? It’s an app within an app. These are especially popular among higher ed institutions where you can usually find […]

The all-too common reality in the library world is filled with small budgets, limited time and too few personnel. These obstacles can be daunting to even the most ambitious team when tasked with taking their efforts to the next level. How can your library increase its resources, attract a new audience and engage your community […]

A common mistake many venues and destinations alike make is that they focus on being a place to visit instead of creating a community for their visitors to join. Despite facing tough competition for attracting attendance from other industries, museums are a great example of an organization that can benefit from creating a community through […]

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