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As an event planner, you can think of your responsibilities like those of a journalist assembling an article — in order to tell the right story to your audience and to make sure all their needs are being met, it will help to answer the traditional “Five Ws” about your event before moving forward with […]

The following is a guest post from Localist customer support associate Claire Gamino. With nearly a decade of event planning experience in a variety of industries, Claire has a great deal to share on audience building and event management. Imagine that you have your entire event planned. The room is reserved, the speakers and panelists are […]

Increase Registration, Attendance, Brand Awareness & Buzz This guide will teach you how to amplify your recruiting events by making them shareable on social media, allowing you to leverage your attendees to build buzz, increase reach and attendance for future events, increasing your prospective student pipeline. On a college campus, there are no shortages of […]

Just last week, search engine giant Google announced changes to how they’ll display events in search results. Their stated goal? “Make FOMO a thing of the past.” They’re doing this by improving event discoverability within the search engine itself, piggybacking off of a standardized format on event web pages. Here’s the good news for our […]

Events are important to your bottom line, but how can you measure their success or failure if you’re not measuring enough or the right data? Why is this important? Would you throw $50,000 into digital advertising if you couldn’t calculate your ROI? You are investing a lot of time and resources in your events. It’s […]

If you’re trying to connect with your audience, you have a number of options when it comes to traditional and non-traditional marketing. Sure, you could take the safe route, hiding behind your computer or phone and sending out emails or making cold phone calls. While this will get your message out there, it may not […]

  Are you in the process of buying a new event calendar? We know that sometimes it can feel like you are climbing a mountain versus taking a walk in the park when you have to get buy-in from departments across your university to make a new technology purchase. You have technical and procurement staff […]

When you think about an event calendar, it’s a good bet you think of a 30-day grid calendar like the paper ones we used to hang on walls. The information contained in these calendars is rudimentary at best, as there’s not room to get into extensive detail when you have multiple events listed.  Today’s interactive […]

Imagine this: You’ve spent months preparing for your event. You’ve pushed announcements out on social media, secured sponsorships and worked hard to ensure everything day-of is in place. But something’s missing. What? The secret weapon that leads to events that are more discoverable, attended and enjoyed is something you may not even have considered: event […]

Measuring events is almost as difficult as breaking into Fort Knox. Ok, maybe not that difficult, but the goals are elusive; it seems as though searching for the right way to measure events is like searching for the Fountain of Youth. But it doesn’t have to be this difficult when you understand the basics of […]

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