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Creating buzz before an event is necessary if you want to make your events successful.  Using tools like event marketing software can help, but there are several things you can do to make your events stand out and be found by potential attendees.

Organizations that manage and promote a long list of events often have difficulty marketing them. Their ultimate goal is to grow awareness for the organization, without wasting a lot of time manually promoting the events. Event scheduling software only lets you schedule events, but doesn’t actually help you market them. You still need to do […]

Localist, today announced the Spring 2014 Release of its expanded platform, which improves SEO and audience engagement through advancements in marketing automation, analytics and mobility. Localist’s intuitive, cloud-based calendar takes the confusion out of managing events, turning event content into a powerful marketing driver that saves time, boosts attendance and increases overall brand awareness and […]

According to the students at Localist-using schools, 75 percent of university students think the online calendar is the most important part of a school’s website. The platform supports student engagement on campus through online event calendars, mobile apps, newsletters, and social connectivity. Read more

Do you use a responsive design to optimize your website for mobile users, keeping all of your web features? Or do you dedicate resources into developing a standalone mobile app? In an Internet trends report delivered by venture capitalist Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins, mobile Internet traffic was up to 13 percent. This trend matches […]

Your online event calendar’s design can make your calendar is one of the most popular features on your website—or make it completely useless. Your users should know exactly where to click, and should require no training or direction to find the events they’re interested in. If your calendar’s design makes it too hard for them […]

Today is a really exciting day for us. It marks the beginning of the next chapter of our company. Localist began as a destination site, built to help people discover great events right in their backyard. Over time, we realized the core platform could be put to amazing use as an online event calendar for […]

If you promote or publish many events, your website events calendar has the power to be a significant marketing tool for your organization. With the right features and functionality, your website events calendar can be an awesome marketing tool. Everyone wants to know about, and spread the word about, the best events around. Click here […]

There are many online event calendar solutions out there, though none of them are quite like Localist. We’re biased when we say so, for sure, but hey, we’ve also been given sole-source status in many states because of our unique features. We don’t normally write posts that focus so much on Localist, but we wanted […]

Responsive web design and cheese hats. What more can you ask for at a work-related conference? Welp, Will Norris and I made our #thoroughlyjazzed trek to Wisconsin last week for High Ed Web and we were certainly not disappointed: we met lot of great people, we sat in on a keynote speech from the Mythbuster himself – Adam Savage , and […]

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