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In the digital age, there are only a few three letter acronyms more important than SEO. It’s become the holy grail of all things digital marketing. Without it, your organization can’t be found, making it harder to reach audiences who don’t necessarily know you exist. If you’re not a super savvy SEO guru or your […]

In this search indexed world, if your organization or business can’t be found online, does it even exist? Instead of focusing on this philosophy 2.0 question, put your energy into making sure people can find you online. However, with best practices changing at the drop of the dime, who has time to keep up? Don’t […]

Keeping your website event calendar chock full of interesting events drives traffic to your calendar and your website and improves SEO. Sure, all this talk about SEO, web traffic, and social media is important, but in-person engagement is what events are all about, right?

If you want to create a recurring event on a calendar, there are two ways to do it. One is to place single events in every applicable date on the calendar. For a weekly event, you’ll place 52 events in a year. This is extremely inefficient.

When looking for new products, other departments may raise some issues that we don’t always think of. Here are some answers to the most common concerns that have been raised by IT departments.

If you organize and plan events, you’ll often hear the term event management software and event marketing software, and you might think the two terms are synonymous and interchangeable. They’re actually completely different animals and different organizations will need one or the other.

If you’re looking into centralizing your organization’s events calendar, or even if you already have a central calendar, a key question you need to ask is, “how can we efficiently spread event content across our entire website?”

Localist, today announced the Spring 2014 Release of its expanded platform, which improves SEO and audience engagement through advancements in marketing automation, analytics and mobility. Localist’s intuitive, cloud-based calendar takes the confusion out of managing events, turning event content into a powerful marketing driver that saves time, boosts attendance and increases overall brand awareness and […]

Has your organization been the victim of potential event attendee forgetfulness, or its more virile form, I-didn’t-know-about-the-event-itis? In our experience, the most common reason people give for not attending events is pretty simple: they didn’t find out about the event until after it already happened. Organizations that direct their audience to a basic Google calendar, […]

Nothing gets a community going like user-generated content. People tend to engage more with an organization, venue, or brand when they feel like they’re part of an active online community. Successful businesses and organizations know how to leverage this innate human social quality to keep people interested and involved. That’s why we strongly encourage organizations—Localist […]

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